Top Benefits to Playing Golf

Ranch-Course-web-298x300Alisal Guest Ranch and Resort is renowned for its golf.  If you are a novice, amateur, or even a seasoned pro, you probably do not need to be reminded of how great golf can be for you. But just in case, here are some top reasons to validate the next time you need to take time off of work for golf (just don’t tell your boss we told you so):

Golf Provides:

Socialization and gets you out with other human beings in nature for some fresh air and sunlight.

Exercise:  if you choose to walk, you can walk up to 6 miles and burn up to 1400 calories.

Better Sleep:  from natural sunlight and exercise, the body is able to sleep better and more deeply at night.

Critical Thinking Skills:  Because of the better exercise and sleep, one is able to think through and solve challenging situations with greater success and ease (that’s a good one for the boss to know.  Golfing could help improve your performance at work).

Reduction of Stress:  Which provides overall physical and mental health and better capacity to perform in personal and professional relationships… and life.

For more information on Alisal’s Golfing – or their overnight Golf Packages, visit their Website.

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