Legendary Service Just Doesn’t “Happen”

Christina opening wine
Director of Catering and Events Christina Oliver

Legendary service doesn’t just “happen”. It is the results of years of practice- and listening to the feedback of our guests.

When you arrive at your favorite vacation spot, how well do they know you?  Do they call you by name?  Have a note of your preferences ? Anticipate your needs before you request them?

Does it feel like you are going home – or perhaps better than home? Legendary service and hospitality is the result of years of experience and investing deeply in our individual guests and also anticipating the needs of new ones to invest in long term relationships.

Take for example our Director of Catering  Christina Oliver who handles all the planning, logistics , menu coordination, setting up, and event coordination for all Alisal’s weddings and events.  When a bride and groom get in the Alisal vehicle which will whisk them to their reception at the historic Old Adobe, Ms. Oliver has already instructed the drivers to have the air conditioning running and ready to go so the vehicle is comfortable prior to boarding, along with cold bottles of water before the couple boards. This is all done on the mass contract that goes out to all Alisal staff prior to guest arrival.  Every detail, including anticipating guests’ needs, is communicated in advance and executed by the experienced Alisal staff in all departments.

To pull off legendary service, it takes tight communication and a team committed to knowing what it is they need to do individually and collectively to make it happen.  Alisal Guest Ranch and Resort is, and will always be committed to this detail for all of its guests.

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