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The ProposalMoon : Why Alisal Supports Epic Romance

Photo by Lover of Weddings

We all know Alisal Guest Ranch and Resort is a family tradition for many for generations.  Every year, families return to re-live tradition as well as make new memories.  In fact, many of our ranch buy-out weddings are the children of generations of Alisal regular guests who could not envision their vows any other place than where their family and them had made such beautiful memories over the years.

As if the gorgeous landscape of Santa Barbara’s wine country, the Santa Ynez Valley, isn’t enough to inspire romance, we believe Alisal’s legacy for weddings and romance may have started back with the marriage of Clark Gable and Lady Sylvia in our library.

No matter where it all started, however, Continue reading The ProposalMoon : Why Alisal Supports Epic Romance

Real Guest Stories | Meet the Bucks

buck2How Long Have you Been Coming to Alisal Guest Ranch?  8 years. My husband & I come every year for our anniversary

What Is Your Happiest Memory (so far) at the Ranch?  I think  we were there the year it rained like 10 inches. Maybe March 2011? We couldn’t really do any of the outdoor activities on the ranch, so we stayed in with a fire, and enjoyed the solitude. The morning the rain started myself and 2 other women that come at the same time we do went riding. We were soaked when we got back, but it was great fun. Continue reading Real Guest Stories | Meet the Bucks

Alisal Fall and Winter Packages Offer Something For Everyone


20140722-142318-51798793.jpgAlisal’s New Cycling Package Joins Other Great Fall & Winter Package Offerings

A visit to Alisal Guest Ranch & Resort between Labor Day and Memorial Day means great value offerings, unique experiences, and some of the most idyllic weather Santa Ynez Valley ever sees. This year, the Alisal Guided Cycling Package can be booked just after Labor Day, along with Alisal’s annual Round-Up Vacation Package, where a two-night stay includes all activities, such as golf, horseback riding and lake activities. Other packages include BBQ Bootcamp and more. See below for details: Continue reading Alisal Fall and Winter Packages Offer Something For Everyone