The Power of the Night Sky: Top 5 Benefits to Stargazing

Star Gazing Inspiration & Photo from Ben Casnocha

Alisal Guest Ranch and Resort is nestled in Santa Barbara’s own wine country:  the Santa Ynez Valley.  One of the benefits of this valley is that it is relatively removed from major city lights and provides the opportunity for beautiful night skies.  The exact positioning of the ranch is tucked away in an area protected by surrounding hills and peace and even greater chances of beautiful star-gazing than in some of the neighboring quiet valley towns.

While star-gazing may be considered by some to be a romantic activity of the past, there are some  benefits to gazing at the heavens and we are proud to say, one of the loveliest – and complimentary – most memorable experiences Alisal guests can have while visiting:

  1.  It forces the viewer to slow down (and let’s be honest, if you are coming to the ranch for a getaway, slowing down is a necessary “task”).
  2. The night sky is a “show” that is constantly changing and provides great conversation (i.e. bonding) with those with whom we are star gazing.
  3. If forces one to contemplate ideas bigger than life as we know it every day here on this planet.
  4. It fosters inspiration and imagination (think of the great stories of Greek mythology as they are tied to star constellations).
  5. If using an app such as “Night Sky”, which allows your mobile device to map the actual piece of sky at which you are looking to show you what you are looking at (names of stars, constellations, satellites, etc), star gazing becomes a highly educational and fun experience.


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