The Healing Effect of Nature Vacations

boat on waterPlenty has been written about the benefits of taking a vacation/break (even if short): from lower stress and anxiety, less risk of heart disease, the ability to accomplish goals better, and an overall better outlook on life.  Regular guests of Alisal Guest Ranch and Resort know this well, which is why so many return – some a few times a year- to renew and restore.

More than just a “hotel”, Alisal Guest Ranch & Resort also offers something unique:  it places guests in the middle of nature with a good majority of activity options being outdoors from morning until night, if one so chooses.  And being in nature has its own set of health-boosting medicine.  Here are just a few of the top benefits to not just taking a vacation, but making nature at the core of it:

  1. It can improve brain cognitive function
  2. It can help the aging process soften
  3. It helps boost melatonin, which aids in a better night’s sleep, which supports overall health
  4. It is said that just the act of walking daily – outdoors- helps combat depression 80% better than many medications
  5. Fresh air:  oxygen from the great outdoors helps to cleanse the lungs. As you inhale and exhale fresh air, you are releasing airborne toxins from your body, thereby giving you more energy for living and experiencing all the good things in life

So, whether you enjoy horseback riding, tennis, golf, fishing, archery, hiking, biking (and more) at the ranch, chances are you will have an opportunity to experience the healing effects of nature without even trying.

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