The Art of Doing “Nothing”: 4 Benefits Found at Alisal


While technology helps us and can bring critical information for progress, health and innovation at lightning speed, it also has another side.  Reports all over the media show how society is attached to their mobile devices and technology more than ever. And more than ever there appears to be a growing correlation between this technological attachment and stress, disease and ironically “detachment” from core values, which are what sustain us as a species to not just survive, but thrive.

Alisal Guest Ranch and Resort has provided an environment that allows guests to unplug and thrive for generations.  While this was not its original intent, the gift is that what started off as a natural way of life at Alisal, has evolved into its main attraction and brand and is what is essential for health today.  Very little has changed over the years.  Only with guest feedback have we added Wi-Fi, should guests choose to stay connected while visiting.  But we still adhere to our no phones or televisions in our rooms and encourage guests to practice the art of doing “nothing” when they are not doing one of our fun ranch activities such as horseback riding, fishing, golfing, archery , and more.  The art of sitting outside your room with a book, listening to nature around the ranch, watching the sun set behind the wine country hills, listening to the water lapping against the shore at the lake, playing a board game with your family, listening to the crackle of the fire in your room, enjoying conversation at the dining table over a sumptuous dinner in the Oak Room, a deep tissue massage at our spa, meditative yoga, or watching one of our bald eagles soar over you…all of these activities help to restore, renew and reconnect. Relationships are deepened.  The art of doing “nothing” ends up being the most important “work” one could do.

boat on waterBut don’t take our word for it. Here is what experts say specifically happens when one checks out from technology and powers down:

  1.  Life is still about “real life” connection, including eye contact and body language.
  2. Without technology at our fingertips 24/7, we are forced to become more creative and therefore do not “over-consume”.
  3. FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) appears to be a real syndrome.  We are bombarded with social media, texts and updates from everyone around us constantly and when not with our devices, it can create anxiety.  By unplugging for awhile, we find contentment in what’s in front of us. Which leads us to #4 below:
  4. The best of life is happening right on front of you.  With the news constantly in our faces and changing, one thing does not change and that is that reality- the beauty of life-and reminder that there is still supreme good in this world- is right in front of you, not on some electronic device.

At Alisal Guest Ranch and Resort, we believe we are advocates of the above 4 life-essential reminders in today’s intense, ever-changing world.  We are committed to providing a place for restoration, reconnection and what’s important for generations to come.

Written by Kerry Lee Dickey


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