The Alisal Guest Experience: Guests Respond On Their Favorite Alisal Memory

We asked and you responded.  What we loved most is every response was varied, but they all pointed to the same “feel”.  Alisal Guest Ranch and Resort is a place where memories are made.   Here are some of the highlights of responses on social media to the question we posed, “What is your favorite memory about Alisal?


“On a Saturday breakfast ride a few years back, we veered off the trail and loped through this beautiful green meadow.  There was still dew on everything so it all sparkled, and being on a horse made it all the more perfect.  It’s my favorite trail ride on a horse to date.” – Meredith Lehman

“We had a wonderful holiday at Alisal last year horseback riding, making gingerbread houses, playing musical chairs, making s’mores, and hanging out in our PJ’s.”  (see photo below).  -Stefanie Davis



“We love the early morning breakfast rides with man-sized pancakes and cowboy music.” (see photo below) – Susan Bender Shultz



“Cowgirl Bootcamp! Years ago, I visited the Alisal during 3 different Cowgirl Bootcamp sessions. I’m not sure which I loved more, the roundup or the barrel racing lessons!  The wranglers were fantastic, all of the food was delicious, and we all had an amazing vacation. I still have the cowboy hats I shaped in the lake!” (see photo below). -Helene Zinn



“Every Labor Day weekend, my family and I would stay at Alisal. It became tradition and I always remembered the beautiful drive in and looking at the horses. So many great memories.” -Anne Fee

“A very special place for our family. Still remember the expression on Meredith’s face when she saw her first car.” -John Lehman

“Tino the Waiter and his rubber chicken!” – Ben Carl

“Our first trip as a family…what a beautiful place to love.” (see photo below).  – Huck Johns



“Surprising our daughter with her car last spring at her favorite place in the world!” – Steve Lehman

“My wedding! September 7, 1974.” -Julie Urquidez


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