Environmentally-Aware Chic Weddings| The Wedding Invitation

20140402-155311.jpgAlisal Guest Ranch  & Resort brides are highly unique.  Most have a family history with the ranch, which make them lovers of nature and tradition as well as lovers of bringing a little rustic chic to their wedding.  Most are environmentally-aware and savvy with a solid spending plan and want to maximize every dollar.  Here are some top tips for maximizing a wedding invitation budget as well as making sure they are environmentally-aware:

  • Don’t invite the entire world.  Create one guest list and stand by it. If you have a lower number of guests, enjoy your reduced costs.
  • Send out invitations earlier than planned so that you do not also have to do a “Save the Date” card.
  • Go digital.  Ultra modern-savvy brides forgo printed invitations entirely and send eVites.  There are many elegant electronic invitation programs available now, so digital can be just as glam as paper invitations in style.
  • If you must use paper, use handmade paper and forego the sometimes up to 15 pieces of wedding invitation “wardrobe” that go in each envelope.  Simplify.
  • Make your paper wedding invitation something unique that can have a double purpose: rather than something guests will throw away, consider making it the wedding favor or something fun like seed packets, a crossword puzzle, inspirational quote and frame, etc.
  • When you mail paper invitations, choose traditional moist and seal stamps, not the peel-and-stick-stamps.

For more information about booking your beautiful wedding at Alisal Guest Ranch or Alisal River Terrace, contact our Event Specialists at:  Catering@Alisal.com .

Photo by Keith Dunlop, Frame 37
Photo by Keith Dunlop, Frame 37

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