New Alisal App Provides Convenience & New Levels of Service

Highlights from the Alisal Guest Ranch App for iPhone & Android
Highlights from the Alisal Guest Ranch App for iPhone & Android

Alisal Guest Ranch and Resort is synonymous with tradition and legendary hospitality.  But we would be remiss if we didn’t recognize that the same legendary hospitality that has brought guests here for generations is also the same hospitality that requires us to continually evolve, reaching a new generation and the demands of convenience for our customers.  The ability to move forward while maintaining a commitment to traditional favorites and standards is a delicate art.

The Alisal app , designed to enhance the Alisal experience for the guest who wants convenience no matter where they go with their phone, allows guests to log on to see the list of daily activities, times, and age ranges/limits as well as  special offers, all with a couple of pushes of a button on your phone.

Don’t want to use an app or your phone while unplugging at the ranch? No problem. We’ve got you traditionalists covered, too. Our traditional paper Daily Guide delivered to your room and upon check-in won’t change and is still providing the information guests look forward to receiving every visit.

Check back soon because the Alisal app is being taken to new levels with the goal of being able to book your reservations for activities at the ranch directly from the convenience of your phone!

According to Alisal Director of Guest Relations, Anna Widling, “We continue to receive positive feedback from guests on this app and are looking forward to seeing its continued growth and development to benefit the Alisal Guest Experience.”

The Alisal app is currently available for download for iPhone or Android.

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