Real Alisal Guest Stories | The Garrett Family Experience

Garrett Family Photo CoupleMy name is Marci Garrett and my father and mother Dr. Neil Garrett and Geri Garrett took our family to Alisal for many years during the 70’s while all the doctors had a yearly meeting at this fabulous place. Alisal has an imprint on my heart as every year our family of six would rent the same two ranch houses and ride horses which I remember there names ! Jude was frisky and red like my hair color and pure black one with a gentle heart. My parents were shuffle board champions and my mom would look so pretty in her macrame cover-up and Dad with his Evil shades! Loved square dancing and ping- pong battles with my brothers! I loved the sunset hayrides and have dinner in the hills where you just rode the horses…

Alisal thank you for great childhood memories that I will never forget.

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