Real Alisal Guest Stories | A Letter from The Heart

Ms. Kamashian & Family
Ms. Kamashian & Family

Alisal Guest Ranch and Resort legacy is made up of stories as experienced and shared straight from our guests.  So, with no further introduction necessary, we are thrilled to be able to share with you one of the recent letters (and reviews on TripAdvisor) from one of our guests. 


“I’m quite sure you already know what I’m about to tell you, but I felt compelled share anyway…

When my family drove the main driveway into Alisal on July 15, 2015, it was our 47th time doing so. Alisal has been one of the greatest family traditions that my parents have so amazingly shared with their daughters and their families. The gift that our parents have given us every year is something that my entire family holds very near and dear to our hearts. We are one of the very lucky families on this planet Earth that get the opportunity to experience perfection…Alisal.

This year was absolutely no different than any year past. The ranch was beautiful. The food was delicious. The accommodations were first class. The experience was memorable. And the people…the people were top-notch. There are some people in particular that I want to bring to your attention (just in case you weren’t already aware of their level of excellence).

First…Alejo. When I am greeted with the smile on his face every year, he makes me feel as though I am home. I’ve known him for years so it’s always great to catch up with him. I love hearing about the new grand-baby in his life (seems like every year, there is a new one!)! His sweet kindness and infectious smile are some of Alisal’s greatest assets.

Erick Rico…I have thoroughly enjoyed watching Erick grow into the man he is today. I can remember when he started working at Alisal! It has been a true joy to witness him flourish at the Ranch. To be honest…Erick is an extended member of our family when we are at the Ranch. When my family plays little harmless practical jokes on each other, we ‘rope’ Erick in to help sometimes! My family likes to have fun and Erick fits in perfectly! His smile and kindness is a gift to my family. He has always taken such great care of us no matter his title. Erick’s level of guest services is unmatched.
This year there were two new additions to the Alisal family that must be spotlighted…Maryann & Addison.

Maryann…a beautiful smile with a very sweet soul! From the moment I met her by the pool, I was struck by her spirit and kindness. Maryann’s level of customer service should be taught around the world. She was so kind… so sweet…so fun…so generous. She went above and beyond to make sure we were happy and well taken care of. Whether she was serving us nachos by the pool or cocktails in the dining room, she was perfection. Sweet, funny, kind, attentive,…perfection.

Addison…honestly…I could “copy/paste” what I wrote about Maryann to describe Addison. Addison truly is a sweet, hard-working young man. Kind…fun…generous…attentive…perfection. Addison added to our dining room experience during both breakfast and dinner. His smile in the morning was a great start to my day. His kindness during dinner was a beautiful gift.

I truly cannot wait to see all these smiling faces again next year. I love catching up with my Alisal family and their blessed lives.
Now…to be honest…I could gush about every single member of the Alisal family. I feel horrible to not mention every single person’s gift of happiness and joy to me every day of my stay, but this email would never end. As you already know, the Alisal family is incomparable…but I just wanted to take a moment to highlight some very special people.

Thank you to every single member of the Alisal family for making my family’s vacation and tradition the pure perfection that it has been for the past 47 years.

Marci Kamashian”

2 thoughts on “Real Alisal Guest Stories | A Letter from The Heart”

  1. 2015 was our 8th year at The Alisal for our family of fourteen – two grandparents, six children and six grandchildren (ages 10-14). The range of activities is wonderful for all ages. The food is varied and delicious. The staff is uniformly pleasant and responsive. The Rodeo and BBQ are highlights, as is the annual appearance of Mark Collier, who is an annual treat for all ages. We look forward to returning for many years to come.

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