The New “Networking” for Businesses

Alisal Guest Ranch and Resort has always been the site of legendary boat on waterevents – and particularly for corporate retreats or for incentive programs for companies world-wide.  From our ropes course to scavenger hunts to many other activities, our onsite professional event managers will work with your lead or DMC to customize a memorable experience.  This commitment will never change.

What has shifted slightly, however, in the last year , is how individuals network and how they do business.  Old school philosophy dictates that business should never be mixed with pleasure.  New studies are showing that developing the personal connection between two entities is what is creating more business and sales , because people buy people, not just a product or service.  This means simply that that the rest of the business world is tapping into something we here at Alisal have always known:  provide a setting for some escape, unplugged relaxation and fun for every type of taste, have fun doing it together, 20140722-142604-51964219.jpgand relationships are formed.  Bonding becomes more permanent.   So, while we will always offer corporate retreats for company development and will always specialize in group events, we also offer the opportunity for networking for businesses:  whether it be golfing, fishing, horseback riding, playing tennis, attending our BBQ Bootcamp,  archery, or more, there are opportunities to come together.  All “networking” is connecting, interacting and developing relationships.  We can’t think of a better place for networking to take off than at Alisal Guest Ranch and Resort. 

Contact us for your next group activity or to have us custom-create alisal guest ranch horseback ridingan experience for you for some networking opportunities.  Alisal Guest Ranch and Resort Director of Sales: Sherrie Fitzgerald: 805-688-6411 |

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