Centuries Old Sycamore Shakes Things Up At Alisal

alisal sycamore treeIf only trees could talk.  Can you imagine the stories Alisal trees could tell about the history and happenings at our ranch?  Just this last week, the beloved sycamore that had been growing for centuries at our front office split and the arborist determined it was not safe and had to be slowly taken down over the period of several days.  According to Alisal Director of Sales Sherrie Fitzgerald, when the trunk landed on the ground, the entire front office shook.

We will miss this beautiful soul of a tree on our property, but are grateful for the professionals always looking out for the well-being of our guest and staff safety as well as what is best for our grounds, nature and landscape.  The progress of the tree diminishing is shown in the above photo collage.  Below is all that remains today.

alisal sycamore tree all done





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