Thinking of a Unique Corporate Team-Building Experience?

p_dining2Alisal Guest Ranch and Resort plays host to corporations world-wide who want to provide their key staff with team-building experiences and retreats.  Being in the outdoors and “unplugged” has proven one of the most successful ways to ensure productivity back “indoors” in the office.  Below are highlights from an interview we recently did with Kindred Resorts and Hotels, which capture the very essence of the legendary Alisal Corporate Retreat/Team-Building Experience:

How does Alisal make  dining a memorable experience? Between indoor and outdoor , we have an incredible and diverse selection of locations and styles. A memorable dining experience begins with the investment one makes in hiring the right serving team and training them properly and then continues with the selection of top -notch fresh ingredients and an Executive Chef who knows how to make those ingredients sing! The various settings at Alisal Guest Ranch & Resort for dining experiences are just the icing on the cake. It is all these factors coming together that allows us to create one-of-a-kind dining experience memories for our guests.

How do you help planners make decisions for teambuilding that SunMorningRidePhotoCowboysIndiansmeets their goals?  They key is listening. We are not a “one size fits all” resort where we try and pigeon-hole our clients into one program style. Every planner has clients with various needs. Our goal is to listen to what those needs are and balance what they wish to accomplish with what we have to offer and come up with a plan that allows them to succeed within their spending plan. They key is listening.

Explain more about your commitment to “rustic elegance” and the intentional absence of distractions like TVs.  Alisal’s legacy is built on generations coming here to build memories. Never before has it been more mission-critical to unplug in order to really focus on what is important and “real” in life. There are endless places one can go to watch TV at other properties and other vacation types (and by the way, we do have a TV in our library for those who simply cannot miss the news or an important game), but Alisal is known for offering the space to reconnect, listen, breathe and we have found this is more restorative without a lot of technology and we continue to receive feedback from our clients this is what they crave. But the absence of TV’s doesn’t mean that we are devoid of service – the “rustic elegance” for which we have come to be known is because of the training we invest in our service staff who greet and tend to every guest with attention to detail and personal touches.


Alisal Quick Snapshot – “Fill In the Blank”:ART Chef at the grill

1. Our chef is known for: inspired, innovative fresh cuisine

2. A favorite spot on the property is ___ (and why): (For many): on the porch of one of the bungalows with a good book and lemonade. Reminds them of Mayberry.

3. The most-requested meeting space is our ___ (and why): The great outdoors! The best “agendas” and company inspiration often come in the great outdoors during team-building activities or around the campfire at night.                                                                                                                                                                            

4. The most unique event (or theme) we did was: A YPO Group did a family weekend, that included a “Survivor” theme, but instead of being voted off the Ranch, each family was invited to stay on the Ranch. They included Lake Olympics, Outdoor BBQ’s. and a Old Fashion Rodeo with a fair.

5. If you want outdoor spaces, we have: Our Historic Adobe, Alisal 20140514-145708.jpgArena and BBQ Area, Pool Pavilion and Lawn, Lake Deck and Lawn, Creekside Deck and Lawn, and Golf Row Green Belt. Each outdoor spot we have hosted several events, including weddings.

6. What makes us different is: We offer a place to be inspired, regroup, redefine in a highly unique way, all with world-class service and attention to detail.

7. We’re most proud of our: Returning guests. We have multi-generations of returning guests and groups. We must be doing something right!

8. One thing that might surprise you is: We are and will continue to be Television &  Telephone free in our guest rooms!


9. For cocktail parties, our ____ is always a hit. An Alisaltini !

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