Real Guest Stories | Meet the Bucks

buck2How Long Have you Been Coming to Alisal Guest Ranch?  8 years. My husband & I come every year for our anniversary

What Is Your Happiest Memory (so far) at the Ranch?  I think  we were there the year it rained like 10 inches. Maybe March 2011? We couldn’t really do any of the outdoor activities on the ranch, so we stayed in with a fire, and enjoyed the solitude. The morning the rain started myself and 2 other women that come at the same time we do went riding. We were soaked when we got back, but it was great fun.

What Are Your Favorite Things to Do When You Visit?  Horseback riding! I go both rides usually.

What is the One Thing First Time (or returning) Alisal Guests buck1Should Not Miss?  The Saturday morning breakfast ride.

What are your top tips /suggestions for first time Alisal guests?
Relax. Read. Go wine tasting I the valley. Hike up to the valley lookout.

What is your favorite food/dish when visiting the Ranch?  Everything is great. My husband likes the Alisal pie. And pancakes on the breakfast ride.

Do you have any Alisal staff members you look forward to seeing each time and if so, who?  Tony.


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