Interview with Alisal Guest Ranch’s Executive Chef Pascal Godé

ART Chef at the grillYou’ve seen images of Chef Pascal at work on our social media.  If you’ve hosted a private event or been an overnight guest  at Alisal Guest Ranch and Resort, you’ve been the lucky recipient of some incredible and plentiful cuisine.  And if you have been fortunate enough to participate in one of our BBQ Bootcamps, you’ve had the privilege of working right alongside and learning from the Master himself.  Chef Pascal brings world-class expertise for the Alisal world-class experience, and then blends it with some innovation and freshness of his own.  You can easily read Chef Pascal’s professional bio on our Website , but we wanted to showcase the personal side of Chef Pascal, as  much as he would let us.   While he may not be a man of many words, his self-expression is in his art, so the next time you come to Alisal, you can continue to get to know Chef Pascal through your palette.ART Grilled food

Where were you born and raised?
Born & raised in the Vosges mountain of France, and French Riviera as well.

How did you get into the culinary world?
All my French family is in the food business. For example, baking, restaurants and butchering, so it was logical for me to go that way.

What do you love most about what you do?by Chelsea Elizabeth Photography
The love of food & creativity.

What is your top recommendation you think Alisal guests should try or do while staying here?
Natural black angus beef, local & imported fish & seafood, and locally grown vegetables.

Where has been your favorite place to live?
The Bahamas Islands, Switzerland, Southern France (Provence), Texas and obviously (now) the Central Coast.

Where have you traveled to that you simply must return to or where would you love to go that you have never been?
I would love to go back to the  Bahamas and would love to go to Chile  or Peru.

What are your hobbies? What do you love to do most when not ART appsworking/planning events for Alisal?
Cycling and traveling

What makes you feel most alive?
Who knows!

What is the one thing most people may not know about you?
People do not have to know everything.

What is your favorite food in general?
Beef & seafood

What are your top three favorite Alisal menu items – your personal favorites?
Love them all, but no Vegetarian or Gluten-Free , please.

What MUST Alisal guests try (cuisine-wise) when staying at Alisal?
Be adventurous. Try the barbeques.  Try all dishes.

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